See the current flow of the Santa Fe River above McClure Reservoir with the USGS automated gauge.

The Otowi gauge shows the flow of the Rio Grande north of Santa Fe.

Jemez y Sangre Regional Water Plan

Thaw Report: 1000 Friends of New Mexico, Water and Growth in Santa Fe: Framing the Issues. (Written in 1995, this is probably the clearest and best description of Santa Fe's precarious water situation.)

Taking Charge of Our Water Destiny: A Water Management Policy Guide for New Mexico in the 21st Century by Alletta Belin, Consuelo Bokum, and Dr. Frank Titus. (The group's other reports on water and growth in the area, can be downloaded from this page.)

UNM Bureau of Business and Economic Research report. The Economic Impact of a Growth Rate Ordinance in the City of Santa Fe.

Sierra Club summary of water crisis. City Different or City Dehydrated?

NMPIRG Report. Water Fuels Sprawl: An Analysis of Water Transfers and Inefficient Growth in New Mexico, by William Coyne and Jeanne Bassett.

Best water books:

High and Dry: The Texas-New Mexico Struggle for the Pecos River, G. Emlen Hall

Cadillac Desert, by Marc Reisner

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